07 September 2008

Nothing So Regal As The Eagle & Loon Lake

It's that time of year again; when the fishing is easy at least for the bears and the eagles. It's salmon spawning time. Bald eagles are a pretty common sight around these parts but I never cease to be in awe of them. This guy was looking for kocanee salmon, on which to dine, along the Tobacco River near Eureka Montana. BIRDS OF PREY

We almost missed the kocanee altogether. Koty wanted a drink so we jumped down the bank to the water. I was just standing there, off in my dream world, when I noticed these red/orange string like things under the water. At first I thought it was some plant life anchored to the bottom flowing backward with the current. But, as I kept looking I soon realized what I was really seeing were kocanee salmon spawning. And, just think, these are the types of things we get to experience when we go to town to run errands!

A little later in the week we decided to try and find Loon Lake. We are always trying to find new places. Our search took us first into the little town of Fortine. Passing through I happened to see this "Montana Planter" on a porch and thought it looked kinda cool and very Montana. We love to photograph some of the fun stuff one sees along the road. AMERICANA

It's kinda tricky finding stuff once you get off the paved roads and on to the Forest Services roads. These roads are single lane, dirt tracks and mostly don't have much in the way of signs. You can easily find yourself off on some logging road and never even know it. Which is exactly what happened to us. Though we were on the wrong road one thing we did discover. Things are beginning to change and Fall is in the air. FORESTS & TREES

We finally figured out that we were on the wrong road, back tracked and found Loon Lake. We didn't see or hear any loons but it was a very pretty little lake and well worth the trip. It's amazing, all the gems secreted out in these forests. We never tire of searching for them. For us, it's like finding treasure. LOONS

The lake sported it's own little island and, although I am a color fanatic, I wanted this shot in black and white. I couldn't say why. Now that I see it, I still like it in back and white and I still couldn't say why. :) BLACK & WHITE

That was our week. Hope yours was a great one too!

©Kinsey Barnard


Lynda Lehmann said...

Interesting text and WONDERFUL photos, Kinsey!

I like that lake shot in B & W, also!

Michelle B. Hendry said...

We were both tripping this week! Fantastic images, Kinsey!