21 December 2008


12-20-08 Tucson, Arizona

I can't say as I'm particularly fond of Tucson but I'm certainly certainly beginning to appreciate the weather. My home town of Eureka, Montana is having the snowiest, coldest December since I moved there six years ago. You can see for yourself .

Global warming indeed. What a sham that concept is. I am truly amazed by the American ability to make something out of nothing and money for nothing. We quite literally have take this ability from an art form to a science.

There is no one on this planet that has more regard for nature than I and very few who spend as much time in her company. I tell you this, and you won't even have to give me a $500,000 grant, when Mother Nature has had enough of our foolishness she will take care of it just as she has for billions of years. Our arrogance to think we have any clue what is "normal", when our entire history on this planet is beyond insignificant, is a marvel. In truth, there is quite a lot of scientific evidence that we are actually moving toward a new ice age.

Do not misunderstand, I think each and everyone of us should do all that we can not to poop in our own nest. But, that's just common sense and shouldn't cost billions of dollars to implement. Although, common sense does seem to be a commodity in very short supply. And, because we seem to be so devoid of it every slick shyster on the planet is out there just ready to lighten your load. Did you hear the one about every American gets to live like a millionaire just by investing in the stock market and real estate? What's in your wallet?

Ok, enough ranting, on with my day which was not very productive. It was beautiful, sunny and in the 60's. Koty and I took a morning walk over to the Pet Smart store a couple of miles from the RV park. I like to take this walk because it's a nice distance and Koty loves to go into the store. I just let him have his head and go wherever his nose leads him, which is usually the bird or fish sections. My boy isn't interested in food in a package. He likes to catch his own! It really is fun to watch!

After a little RV housekeeping I put my sweats back on and jumped back in bed with a book which I polished off over the course of the day. The book was "Cruel Justice" by William Bernhardt. I don't know why but I am addicted to murder mysteries. I don't think I'm very unique in this regard. Half the television shows are some type of police/murder tale. I watch most of them myself. My favorite is NCIS but I think that may be because I find Mark Harmon delicious. He is aging so very well. My least favorite is CSI Miami. That Horatio Caine is without a doubt the most one dimensional character on television. Every time he strikes that pose with his hand on his hips, which is usually fifty per episode, I want to barf! How any self respecting woman can find that wimp sexy is beyond me.

Anyway, I finished off Cruel Justice and got a new volume to entertain myself, Sandra Brown's "The Alibi". Don't look for these books on the bestseller's list. I got them from the park library and they are more than ten years old.

I was able to pretty much fritter away the whole day in these pursuits. I didn't even attempt to go out to the desert to see about a sunset. There wasn't a cloud in the sky.

A friend sent me this link which only goes to show I'm not the only one that has non-productive days! According to the meter nearly 50 million! :)

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