24 May 2009


At last! Spring is in the air. This has been the coldest spring since I have lived here and it's great to finally be able to bask in the warm sun.

The biggest news is that I have had a Canada Goose pair nest and produce six little goslings on my larger pond. I have no photos of them because I haven't taken any. I haven't taken any because this pond, built in the center of my forty acre parcel, away from the house and any distraction, is especially for my wild visitors. It is meant to be a safe haven and sanctuary. To photograph them feels like an invasion of their privacy and I must respect my guest's privacy. But, I can tell you, it is a site to behold as they paddle the pond. The photo below is of a family riding the Tobacco River.


I have also spied another new resident Timothy Turtle. I hope he has a partner or he may not stay for long.

Mostly the week was about ranch chores. That wonderful sun makes the grass, and everything else, grow. But, we took yesterday off and went down to Sunday Falls. I have tried to photograph these falls before with little luck and I'm afraid I had much the same outcome this day.


For some reason I just can't seem to capture anything special at these falls. I suppose the main reason is, short of standing in the creek, it's tough to take a stand. The falls were really barreling so standing would have been very difficult.


Naturally, where there is a Sunday Falls, there might just be a Sunday Creek. And so there is. I have a favorite spot where I like to try and photograph the creek but there was a old motorhome parked in the spot so I was not able to get in there. With these tough times more and more people are living in the forest and this looked to be the case. Not a bad placed to live really. But, you will get rousted by the Forest Service every 14 days.


After fiddling around the falls I decided to continue up the Forest Service Road on foot. I had promised Koty a walk and I was wondering if we could find Fire Lake. Poor Koty, when I'm busy working around the ranch he doesn't get enough exercise. After working several hours I just don't have the umpah to hike a few more!

It was an extraordinarily beautiful day for a walk in the forest. We soon came to a fork in the road. I didn't know which one to take. One thing you can count on in the National Forest, they'll give you one sign that will intrigue you and never another to get you there. I chose to take the road to the right. After awhile a small pickup with a canoe in the back pulled along side. They looked like they were on their way to a lake so I stopped them. It turned out the first Fire Lake was not far. The next lake was five miles further. They were on their way to the upper lake.


Fire Lake isn't a particularly pretty lake and it's fairly small as well. There were two people trying their hand at fishing but I don't think they had had much success. I didn't have another five miles in me so we headed back down the road.


I don't know what these plants are. They look like a lily pad except that they are red. Maybe lily pads growing underwater are red? I dunno.

It turned out to be not much of a day for photography, either that or I was off my game. But, any day spent in the woods of Montana is a day well spent. I live in the woods but I love to explore new places. I never know when I will stumble on that special opportunity to capture something truly unique and beautiful. Something I can share that people would never get to see any other way. That lights my candle. We'll come back and look for the other Fire Lake another day.

©Kinsey Barnard

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