19 July 2011

Sophie Lake - Swisher/Gateway Boat Camp Trail

Friday July 15, 2011

Today I decided to head on over to Swisher Lake Trail. On the way over I could reisit taking a photo of this hayrake. I was intrigued by the color and design. Funny how something as mundane as a piece of farm equipment can present you with such pleasant eye candy.


It's amazing to me how all the water has so completely changed the landscape. I drove right by Carpenter Lake and didn't even realize I had. I didn't recognize the turn because everything looked so different with all the vegetation growth.

I sure didin't miss Sophie Lake. The lake is so high it touches the road. Normally, it's about 75 feet to the water.

Sophie Lake, Montana

The water was so high the picnic tables were pretty much underwater.

Sophie Lake Picnic Area
Swisher Lake
Swisher is a fairly nondescript little lake. It is where the Gateway Boat Camp Trail begins. It's about 6.5 miles to the boat camp which is right on the Canadain Border. The boat camp is on the Koocanusa. My walk was fairly uneventful and I never reached the boat camp. I got way about halfway I veered off the trail and was drawn down to the lake shore. Really amazing how high the water is. The local paper says the lake is 18 ft. below full pool. They had better hope it doesn't hit full pool. There is still so much water flowing out of the mountains I would be surprised if we hit it. In addition to all the snow melting we have been having gully washer downpours in the afternoons.

Without further adieu I am just going to throw up some photos of some of the things that I saw.

Lake Koocanusa looking north into British Columbia

Looking west across Lake Koocanusa at the West Kootenai and Robinson Mountain, Monatana

Some of the driftwood that has washed ashore.



Thistle Bud

©Kinsey Barnard

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