03 July 2011

West Kootenai Wildflowers - Mt. Web Lookout - Blue Heron Medicine

Friday July 1, 2011

A very unusual thing happened this morning. I was loading up Shadow to go for a hike and when I went out with a load of equipment a Great Blue Heron rose up in flight from a Spruce. I dropped everything and tried to get a shot of it. I didn't get much but I wanted to have some record of it in any event. I consulted my medicine cards to see what the significance of the heron might be but, as I was afraid, there was no information on the heron. A quick Google Search and I had my answer Blue Heron Medicine. I continuously marvel at the fact that most believers in the significance of animal medicine must draw cards to receive guidance and I am blessed to have the actual animals appear to me.

Great Blue Heron in the Trees
I had need of another good hike so I decided to go over to the West Kootenai and take the Web Mt. Trail. If you go far enough you will reach the Web Mt. Lookout. You can drive to it but there is a trail too and it's really an aerobic workout.

Blue Lupine

The mountains are just now starting to get covered with wildflower color and blue lupine are one of the most prevalent wildflowers in the Kootenai National Forest along with Indian Paintbrush.

Young Indian Paintbrush blooms before they turn vibrant red

I am utterly amazed at what lousy shape I am in. The long winter and cold, wet spring has set me back just like it has everything else in nature. Usually, by this time, I am climbing up mountain trails like a mad woman. Today I was huffing and puffing like a slacker. Before I got to the first crest, about an hour nearly straight up, my thighs were burning like fire.

Indian Paintbrush in bright red bloom

After a small rest I decided not to go further because I was actually concerned my legs would give out on me on the way back down and on that steep trail I could cook my goose pretty damned quick. What a freaking wuss. I am very disappointed with myself. I can't believe I've let myself get in such shitty shape.

Beautiful rock formation with Mullien and some other yellow flower perhaps some kind of Yarrow
Well, I got a workout that's for sure. And, I got a wake up call on my physical fitness level. I think I shall make it my goal to get up to the Lookout before the snow flies. Koty is so maddening. In dog years he's around 80 years old and he flies up the trail like a spring chicken. Boo Hiss!

©Kinsey Barnard

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