01 October 2011

On To Spokane, Cabela's and Repairs.

Wednesday 21, 2011

This morning we packed up our rig and headed for Spokane. I bot Celmentine at RnR RV in Liberty Lake so that's generally where I take her for repairs. It's really the closest reliable RV repair place for me. There is also Bretz RV in Missoula but it's the same distance so I think its best to go where they know my rig.

I realized last night that I had forgotten to put my cooking pots and pans aboard and had to swing by Wal-Mart before setting out. We took Hwy 2 to Libby. It's quite a nice drive. Lots of lakes along the road. By the time we got to the other side of Libby it was time for lunch so I pulled over right along the Kootenai River. The Kootenai is truly a beautiful river. It is also either the third or fourth largest contributor to the mighty Columbia. It is a favorite of the bald eagle for fishing. Didn't see any this stop.

Kootenai River

You can see from the photo just how crystal clear the water. This spring during the melt these rocks were not visible so much water was flowing down. I always think the partially submerged rocks are beautiful, natural still lifes.

On the way to RnR I decided to treat myself to a stop at Cabela's I love that store but had never actually been in one. My goodness it's a big place! I could spend a whole day in there looking at all the outdoor equipment and sporting items. I only had time to pick up a few essentials for the coming winter. I needed to check in at RnR before they closed so I could get on the next days schedule.

Lucky for us RnR provides customers with full hook-up whilst in for repairs. We checked in and set up for the night. No television or Interenet so I curled up with my iPad. Boy, I love that thing!

©Kinsey Barnard

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