13 July 2012


I couldn't help but comment on this headline I saw this morning. The actual headline read  "Lawmakers Want Made in China Uniforms Burned".

Unlike most people my initial outrage wasn't about the uniforms, although I do think someone should be taken to task for such an incredible faux pas. What really got me worked up was the fact that a US Senator, Harry Reid, said the uniforms should be burned, as though there was something evil about the uniforms themselves because they were made in China.

The arrogant ambition of legislators to try and grab headlines in an election year is a travesty. The stupidity of our leaders seems to know no bounds. If I were China I would be incredibly insulted by such rhetoric. As a country we have sold our souls for junk and trinkets. But you can hardly blame China for feeding our mindless gluttony. Instead we insult the ones who hold a sledge hammer of debt over our heads?

Reid, like most politicians today, is just a self promoting tool. Anyone with a bit of sense would have chastised the real culprits, the Olympic Committee. What were they thinking? Well, clearly, just about the bottomline. How stupid are they? The Olympics is all about symbolism and national pride. Surely, "the greatest nation on earth" can afford to make their own Olympic uniforms? Or maybe we can't?

Right now the Chinese economy is slowing down due to the global economic situation. The Chinese are not stupid. They are inscrutable. They can ill afford to do to us what I'm sure they would really like to do. But, one day that will no longer be the case and all these stupid insults will come home to roost. And who do you think will suffer? Not Harry Reid. He'll be either still on the hill or retired on a pension any of us would give our right ventricle to have. No, we will not only be paying for Harry's lavish lifestyle but also for whatever eventual payback China has in mind for us. The Chinese are not only inscrutable, they are also a very patient people with memories like elephants.

The arrogance, stupidity and incompetence of the people in Washington really frightens me sometimes.

©Kinsey Barnard

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Rilly said...

I agree with you 100%.....it's only a matter of time.