09 July 2012


This morning I came across an article titled GOVERNMENT OVERPAID $14 BILLION IN UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS A few paragraphs into the article I read that the state of Indiana was the worst offender actually making more wrong payments than right.  It got me to wondering what's up with Indiana?

Back in March I lost my head and decided to renovate the kitchen this summer. I started the process the first week of April and I'm still nowhere near finished. The cabinets arrived later than promised so the installation did not begin until June 6th. Upon inspection it turned out the majority of the cabinets were defective. Unfortunately, the installer did not inspect the new cabinets before yanking out the old, as he was supposed to do, so I have been without water in my kitchen for over a month, with all my kitchen paraphernalia strewn across the house collecting dust.

When the original cabinets arrived each proudly displayed a sticker saying it had been inspected by "Linda". I don't know what was up with Linda but if she actually inspected those cabinets she must have been having a very bad day.

From the outset we knew that at least one cabinet needed to be replaced because it was the wrong configuration and someone caught that mistake just  after the cabinets had left the factory. When the cabinet arrived it was upside down in the box. The box had arrows and labels on its exterior indicating which way was up but somebody missed that completely.

In truth, trouble had shown up earlier when a separate package of four crown molding sticks had shown up with two sticks needing to be replaced. I thought nothing of it at the time. As it turned out it was a harbinger of things to come.

After reading the above article a light bulb went off. The cabinets were manufactured by InnerMost an Indiana company. I've always thought of mid-westerners as a hard working and trustworthy lot. Many of them migrated west to my native state of California back in the forties and fifties. We quite liked having them. But, after my experience with the cabinets and reading the above article I have to wonder what's up with Indiana?

This cabinet experience was what motivated me to write WHERE IS JOHN GALT? It seems as though we all want to buy American products but my experience certainly hasn't filled me with confidence.

The replacement cabinets are due to arrive this week. I've got my fingers crossed all will be well with them.

©Kinsey Barnard

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