10 May 2014

The Woodswomen Kinsey Barnard Is slashing and Burning

It's that time of year again when Kinsey goes into the woods and works like a madwoman, slashing and burning. She takes managing her forest very seriously. Some people may just let their land go au natural but not Kinsey. She is a firm believer that one needs to lend Nature a hand if they want Nature to return the favor. She also believes "To be worn out is to be renewed." ~ Lao Tzu

Open burning starts in March and by May it is permit season. This year it was so wet during open burn it was all Kinsey could do to start a fire. One day she just flat threw in the towel. First time that's happened in 12 years.

Don't like to get too close to those fires

Kinsey is out there for four to five hours at a whack. It's all hot fires and chainsaws. I'm not really crazy about the chainsaw especially since Kinsey one time forgot to holler "Timber!" when she cut down a tree and it nearly beaned me. It was a small tree but I was a puppy so it looked plenty big to me. I'm very slowly getting over it.

Now, I'm all for looking after the health of the forest but what is a little girl supposed to do for entertainment? I mean golly gee whiz. But, I came up with a great idea ..... frisbee! I love to play frisbee!

Please. Please. Please. Toss me the frisbee.

Kinsey is constantly mumbling about how nice it would be if I could put all my pent up energy into something productive like helping with the slashing and burning. But, that is not what Nature intended for me. Now, if she'd get me something to heard I could shine.

I have to hand it to Kinsey hard as she works she still takes time to toss me the frisbee and finds time to try and take a picture or two of me. I hate having my picture taken but I have to admit I am a lovely creature.

Sitting on a blow down tree trunk

After she's done I must also admit things do look so much nicer with the added benefit that the fire fuels have been reduced.

Cleaned up area
So, as you can see not much has been going on as far as I'm concerned. I'm looking forward to June. There won't be anymore marathon days of burning. Maybe we can get out and have some fun. I'm hoping to get to take my first road trip one day soon.

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©Kinsey Barnard

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