17 April 2015


As regular readers know Kinsey has been embroiled in a MAGIC JACK HORROR STORY. After several days of trying she thinks she's got it all sorted out and will be doing a followup article to explain exactly what happened. TWITTER followers and FACEBOOK followers will want to keep and eye out for it. She learned a lot of things, many of which could be helpful to you too. It'll probably be out this weekend.

Back to the Cow Pie Party. Kinsey spent I don't know how many hours over three days trying to get to the bottom of the Magic Jack debacle. She has very little hair left on her head. Prior to that fiasco we were working hard in the forest.Yesterday was a drop dead gorgeous day so Kinsey declared a holiday and we went to the Tobacco River for a walk. There is a great walk along the river that ends up in the tiny burg of Rexford.

I'm a lot of help!
It's still early in the year for things to be pretty on the river so we just walked along enjoying the sunshine. There were a few Canadian Geese in the pastures and apparently there had been some cows out on the trail. While Kinsey walked along, day dreaming, I fell behind and before she knew what I was up to I was having the time of my life, a cow pie party if you will! I had found a lovely pile of cow poop and was flat on my back, with feet in the air wriggling around on top of it. Oh, yum! I was literally happy as a pig in poop! When Kinsey turned around to see what I was up to it was way too late for me to be anything but a poopy puppy!

Cow Pie Puppy!
We went down to the river so I could jump in it. But, I'm not real big on swimming so it did very little to get rid of the poop. So much for Kinsey's afternoon idyl along the river. Thank goodness we had needed to make a trip to the dump so we were driving the ranch truck. If we'd been in any other vehicle she probably would have left me. I was one stinky girl! And, I LOVED it!

Back at the ranch Kinsey hosed me down, which I did not love. But, I'm pretty much back to normal except for my collar which was nicely encrusted in poop. I think Kinsey still loves me.

Never a dull day around here I can tell you!

Ciao for now,
Molly, the poop head, Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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