18 April 2015


My Magic Jack Horror Story started four days ago on April 14th  when I tried to get help with my Magic Jack device. What I got was a MAGIC JACK HORROR STORY .

Since my first article much has transpired. I'd like to pass it along because I think there are things I have learned that others might find useful.

First let me just say, I have used a Magic Jack for several years. If I have any criticism it would be that the connection quality can sometimes be not so clear. It's been worse lately and maybe that was because the device was going bad. The cost is extremely attractive. Currently, I am paying around $35 for a year of unlimited long distance calling so I am inclined to put up with a little inconvenience. I don't like talking on my cell phone so when I'm at home I use Magic Jack to make calls. I just plug it into a USB port, sit back at my computer and talk as though I'm on speaker. My hands are free to make notes or what ever task I wish. I don't use it for incoming calls because I would have to be at the computer receive them. I simply don't give the number out. You do get voice mail should one wish to receive calls.

As mentioned in the previous article, this whole debacle began when my Magic Device failed to function. In a nutshell I engaged in two on line chats that cost me an hour and a half only to be told my device was bad. I was told how to order a replacement. I logged into my account and did as instructed but when I pressed the buy button I got a message that the card was "null". I entered the number several times and got the same message. At this point my frustration level was over the moon. I Googled "Magic Jack customer service" to find a phone number. I called a number that I believed was Magic Jack. The call was answered Magic Jack tech support. From there the horror story began. You can get the details in my previous article MAGIC JACK HORROR STORY.

I went on Magic Jack's Facebook page to tell them what had happened and try to get help. They said they passed the information on to the Third Party Misrepresentation Team (TPMT). It took some time but I finally did hear from TPMT. The tenor of the responses were condescending and were signed TPMT. Out of total frustration I finally said I was going to call corporate headquarters in West Palm Beach. Not long after, I got an e-mail with an actual persons name, Meghan, included in the message and from there I started to get somewhere.

I had already begun to suspect I hadn't been talking to Magic Jack technical support at all. I provided Magic Jack with my phone number and the general time of my call. There was no record of my call. It began to look like I had called some fly by night operation. When the call was answered the person announced "Magic Jack technical support". Ordinarily, I wouldn't be so sure about this except, using the numbers I provided, Meghan was able to report back to me the Magic Jack name had been illegally used. I bought it hook line and sinker. My first tip: When searching for customer support be very careful the number you call belongs to the company you seek. Your search will turn up all kinds of results using the company name in the title, many of which have nothing to do with the company you want. I totally believed I was talking to Magic Jack.

Tip: The guy I spoke with gave his name as Steve Snyder. I was advised Magic Jack employees never give there last names. Now that I think about it I don't think any large reputable company does.

As luck would have it I recently purchased a Microsoft Notebook and a Nortons Security program to go with it. I've used Macs for years and never used any security programs and never have had any problems. Macs have been famous for their security. Lately, I have begun to doubt that security. My impression is that Apple doesn't care much about their computers anymore. Apple customer service stinks. They have made so much money off iPads, iPhones etc. Macs are barely a footnote in their financial sweepstakes. Companies put their money where they get the greatest ROI. That's not Macs for Apple.

I installed the Nortons program on my Mac. And, guess what? Less than 24 hours after the so called security audit Nortons found and removed a Trojan. Now there are two possibilities neither good. (1) It was either a slip shod audit or the audit was never even done. (2) The tech company put the Trojan on my machine.

Tip: I don't believe Macs are safe any more, certainly not like they once were. I have been worried about this for some time and now I'm convinced. If you are using a Mac get a security program. Don't rely on an outdated perception. So far, I like this Norton program. It's running all the time and yes I've already used tech support. It was very good.

Now here's the corker. the odds of any of this happening are a million to one. If I had not gotten that "null" message when I tried to buy a new Magic Jack I wouldn't have been looking for tech support. As it turned out that "null" was due to some work Magic Jack was performing on their site. The odds of me trying to buy the device at that very time were exceedingly small.

So, other than being a little slow to take me seriously I have no complaints with Magic Jack. I think they should have comped me on the replacement device because it was their fault the order form wasn't working properly. I should have the new device early next week and I will report how it's functioning in a comment to this article. If all goes well I will be renewing my annual subscription come June.

My Mother always told me "Every cloud has a silver lining". It has always been so in my life. This is another example. The whole episode was a hug pain the patookie but I have come out of it with knowledge I would not have otherwise had. I feel it is knowledge I can put to good use.

©Kinsey Barnard

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Walker said...

I have received my new Magic Jack device and it is working just fine.

So, I'm aback to thinking it's a major communications bargain.