26 April 2015


Today we took off  up a road we'd not driven before, Good Creek Road to be exact. There are lots of roads I've not been down, me being just a puppy and all. It is hard to believe that Kinsey still finds new ones after over thirteen years of driving around this area.

We thought we were looking for Good Creek but ended up going into the Miller Creek Demonstration Forest, part of the Flathead National Forest.  I'm not sure what a demonstration forest is but we didn't see any demonstrators. Nice thing about the Montana forests, don't hardly ever see any demonstrators in them. Just saw a few whitetail deer. All they were demonstrating is how graceful they can be when charging off with their long, white tails flying. I would have loved to demonstrate how graceful I can be whilst chasing after them.

Flathead National Forest

We decided to walk rather than drive into the forest because it's still a little early and we were in Shadow (Ford Focus). These single track forest service roads can get a little dicey during the melt. Shadow has about two inches of clearance and no four wheel drive.

Miller Creek was a gushing. I always love to here water rushing. I'll bet the folks in California would like to hear it too only in their own creeks. Sure glad this little corner of the world isn't having water problems, at least not at the moment. Never know when that might could change. Mother Nature can be plenty fickle, or so Kinsey says.

Molly on Miller Creek
The road was all up hill and as it turned out not driving Shadow in was the right decision. Couple of miles up and we hit snow and ice. Kinsey didn't have any spikes with her so that about finished us off. She feels if she's going to fall and break her neck she'd rather do it somewhere where there was a chance of someone finding us. No cell service up here.

Winter not done up here

As luck would have it our timing could not have been better. No sooner did we reach the car than the clouds let fly with a burst of slushy hail.

Hail and snow on the windshield
Once again our hike was derailed by weather. But, not to worry now that we have gotten a taste of the area we will return later to explore some more.

Ciao for now!
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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