09 May 2016

Hungry Horse-Spotted Bear-The Great Bear Wilderness

For the very longest time we have wanted to take the drive down Hungry Horse to Spotted Bear. Last week we did just that. The road is paved about 15 miles of the 58 mile trip. Once you get on the dirt it's one dusty road you can count on that. But, we think you will find the drive worth it. There is actually a road all the way round the reservoir but the east side was not open yet so we retraced our drive on the west side. Just as well, the sun setting on the Great Bear Wilderness was spectacular. Something about that name "Great Bear Wilderness" just chokes me up.

The Great Bear Wilderness in the morning. Hungry Horse in the foreground.
It took over two hours to get to Spotted Bear but we were dawdling. Stopping to rubber neck along the way.

One stop we made was Handkerchief Lake. The lake wasn't looking too pretty this day but if you go back and click on the link you can see how pretty she can be.

Wheeler Creek
The creeks are just beginning to pick up speed as the snow melts in the mountains. There are a bazillion creeks along this road. If the sound of rushing water floats your boat, your boat will sail!

There is a Ranger Station at Spotted Bear and a couple of places where you can stay if you aren't of a mind to camp. Or you can make it a day trip and sleep in your own bed.

Spotted Bear Ranger Station
The entire campus at the station is very beautiful. And, it's isolated. I imagine things get pretty busy in the middle of summer but right now it's simply serene splendor. The station wasn't open yet but the ranger was there getting things ready. It officially opens May 15th as does the east road.

Kinsey & Me at Spotted Bear
The Ranger station sits up on a bluff over looking the South Fork of the Flathead River. How pretty is that. Right?! Of course, I lend extra beauty with my presence. The old gray mare? Not so much. :) Just below where we are sitting is a foot bridge that crosses the river. I wasn't too keen on walking on it. But, neither was Kinsey.

We enjoyed a short hike and a Subway lunch. It was divine.

It turned into an all day trip. Dawdle, dawdle. For our dawdling we were treated to the sun setting on the Great Bear Wilderness.

The setting sun reflects off snow capped mountains in the Great Bear Wilderness
If you are in the area you might enjoy this trip. Again, it will be dusty so if that would bother you I'd skip it. For those who could care less and know how to wash their trucks it's very much a green light.

Until Next time,
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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