06 May 2016

We Love Solar!

On our way home from the Bitterroot we stopped in at Jordan Solar in Charlo to say howdy. Kinsey had a completely integrated system installed at the ranch a few years ago and Travis Jordan made it happen for us. We have the inverter with battery back up and a generator back up too. It's also grid tied so we get to bank our excess electricity to use when there isn't so much sun. Northwest Montana can be a wee tad dreary in the winter. With rising electricity prices this is getting to be a nicer and nicer feature.

As you might imagine the electrician is the most important character in a solar installation and Travis Jordan is a master electrician. It was a joy watching him work. He's the kind of man that takes his time to really think things through before forging ahead. A trait we truly admire. Travis isn't doing as much install work as he used to as he has a new enterprise MT. Solar which manufactures pole mounted solar panels. We were among the first to have one of his mounts. Below is a photo of out pole mount and panels going up. Very thrilling.

Tim is now doing most of the install work these days and we've worked with him too. Excellent electrician. We would be happy to work with him anytime.

MT Solar Pole Mount Installation

We got to take a little tour of the manufacturing plant and it's pretty cool how they manufacture these mounts. We especially liked the laser that cut out the parts. Very cool. Actually, quite hot!

Me & My Pals Travis Jordan and Janelle.
Pictured above with Travis is Janelle. She's the one that co-ordinates the jobs and keeps the place running smoothly. Well, you know men. ;) If you're interested in solar give Janelle a call, she's a fount of information. (877) 215-8431.

I know this post sounds like an advertisement but we just can't say enough good things about these Montanans. And we think when you have good things to say you had ought to say them. Travis and his people exemplify everything Montana stands for; hard work, sincerity, loyalty and integrity. Also, we love solar and think everyone should have panels on their roof at least, even if it's just tied to the grid. If you do contact them let them know Molly Montana sent you. Who knows, I might get a great big dog biscuit if you do. ;)

Truly we stump for solar every chance we get. You folks down in the sunny climes really ought to jump on board.

Until next time .... which will be our recent trip to Spotted Bear. You won't want to miss it!

Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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