02 May 2016

Hiking Bass Creek Trail-Bitterroot Mountains

Brady, at the Blue Mountain Bed & Breakfast, turned us on to the Bass Creek Trail in the Bitteroot Forest. He told us we could find a waterfall but we never did. That's OK because it was a great hike.

The trailhead was easy to find. Believe me this is not always the case. Clearly marked on 93 and a straight shot to the trailhead.

Road to Bass Creek Trailhead Bitterroot Mountains
The weather forecast was for rain but as usual that was wrong. It was an absolutely perfect hiking day. Bass Creek is a very cool, literally and figuratively, trail.  As you might imagine it wanders along Bass Creek. The spring melt seemed to already be underway and the sound of the rushing water echoing off the canyon walls was awesome.

Molly Montana On the Bass Creek Trail-Bitterroot Mountain

You will notice in the above photo I am on the leash. This trail is also a popular horse trail, and well, Kinsey worries about meeting riders and me causing an accident with my enthusiasm. I don't blame her really. I do still forget myself when meeting new people and other critters.

I would rate this an easy trail even though there is a pretty good elevation gain. One can always just walk as far as they want and still enjoy the creek. The first landmark we found was the log jam pond. For some this is a destination. We trekked on by looking for that waterfall.

Log Jam Pond Bass Creek Trail Bitterroot Forest

The next Land mark we found was the sign notifying us we were entering the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness.

Entering the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness
We kept on looking for a big boulder we were told we would find where we would go one way to the falls and the other to Bass Lake. It's eight miles to Bass Lake and no way we could make that trip in a day. Well, I could but Kinsey even in her best day couldn't make that long a mountain trip roundtrip in a day. For those looking for an overnight backpacking sort of trip this looks like a good one. Below is what we could not see for ourselves.

Bass Lake-Bitterroot Wilderness ©Helene Bazin-Lee Photography

About 3 miles in we found a stone arrow in the ground that pointed the way up the trail to the right, up being the operative word. Straight ahead was a trail but it was covered with blown down. Kinsey thought the falls must be on the low road but she didn't feel like scrambling over the trees. By the time we got back down to the trailhead Kinsey's knees were screaming so I guess it's just as well be turn back when we did.  It was after all our first mountain trail of the season.

The point of this story is; this trail has something for everyone and we highly recommend you check it out when your are in the area.

Until next time.

Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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