25 March 2008


We decided a drive in weather was more fun than a day stuck in Clementine so we piled into Shadow and headed north on 101. It was really raining and blowing and we could barely see a thing. But, when in doubt keep on going. Before we knew it we were all the way up in Newport.

Since mom had not seen the aquarium when we were here in November she decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, it was the weekend and the place was crowded with people. They have a number of outdoor exhibits but it was raining so hard everyone was crowded inside.

The good news is mom didn't spend as much time as she might have and I didn't have to get stuck in the car as long as I might have.

When we were here in November both of us decided that Yaquina Head was one of our most favorites places so we headed back up there. As luck would have it, there was a break in the weather and we got to walk around and enjoy the place one more time.

If you ever get by this way you really don't want to miss Yaquina Head. It is really very special. At least we think so. And Newport is a must stop on any coastal road trip.

The drive back to Florence was rainy and blustery but we didn't care because we had a great little trip. Just goes to show. When you think things look bleak if you will just venture on you will find some gems to make it all worthwhile.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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Michelle B. Hendry said...

Nice images - the one of the lighthouse has a similar feel to the painting on my last post.... It feels peaceful.