14 August 2008

For Baby Boomers Only

Ok, what I'm posting today is a little bit different. But, I was sent this music video and enjoyed it so much I wanted to pass it along.

If you are not a Baby Boomer the whole thing may escape you, then again, maybe not. Give a look you may enjoy it too. The presentation is accompanied by Willie Nelson and his music so be sure to have your music on if you can.

Back in the day cowboys weren't only in Montana. They were in everyone's living room. Frankly, I think we could use more heroes. Click on the link below.

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys


Koty Bear


Azure Accessories said...

I enjoyed the video immensely...just wonderful, brought back so many memories.
The photos in the background were amazing...perfect for the video.

Yes...we are long overdue for a few great heroes!!!
Thanks for sharing the video!!!


Peggy said...

Hi, I wandered in here,not quite sure now by which route! Delighted I did, the video was worth it. I remember going to the cinema ( the pictures as it was called here in Ireland) and the cowboy films were always firm favourites.The 'goodies' wore white hats and the 'baddies' black hats.
The background painting of the Indians is superb and of course Willy Nelson.Will have to keep hitting the back button to find my way back!
Best Wishes and thanks.

Robin Easton said...

ABSOLUTELY!! :) Even though my Dad got rid of our TV and took ua all camping and into Nature (gre up without TV) I sometimes saw TV at a friends house if I did a sleep-over. My favorite shows were the cowboy shows. I saw a lot men in that video that I'm "STILL in love with" (LOL)....even after all these years. I even wanted to BE a cowboy (cowgirl). Only if I was a cowgirl it would have been none of this fringed skit stuff for me. I wanted long pants, chaps, a holster, a vest, fringed jaket, hat, cowboy boots...the works! Remember Travas and the Virginian? I was in love with both of them....AND half the crew at Bonanza. Oh yes, to me they were real heroes.

Fun post Kinsey. Also love the pic of Koty...so regal and proud and selfcontained.