29 August 2010

Huckleberries-Montana Caviar

I'm not a big fan of fruit. I like it alright but if given the choice I would rather eat vegetables. So when I moved to Montana and heard people extolling the virtues of wild huckleberries the subject got a big yawn from me. When I found out how tiny the little dickens are and  how long it takes to get an edible portion I was even less impressed.

Then one fall day Koty and I were out exploring around up near Terriault Pass in the Ten Lakes Scenic Area. As we were driving up to the trailhead we spied an elderly gentleman rummaging around in the bushes. I though he might be a huckleberry hunter so I stopped and went to where the man was toiling. When I asked what he was doing, sure enough he was picking wild huckleberries. The man asked if I had ever had them and I answered in the negative. He insisted that I try some. Well, I instantly knew what all the hubbub was about. The little critters are to die for, no kidding. even Koty gobbles them up.

I'm not a fan of jams and jellies either but the other day Costco had some huckleberry jam right their at the front entrance where they try to snag you into an impulse purchase. Snag me they did. I had not seen the price as low anywhere and could not resist trying a couple of jars. Oh, big mistake!

The product they were selling comes from a Kalispell company Huckleberry Haven.

So, for breakfast I decided to give the jam a test drive on my favorite toast Orowheat's Health Nut Bread. Oh, my! The term ambrosia comes to mind. It's really not like jam. It's more like caviar, lots of little berries, the size of fish eggs, with a little natural sauce.

You can have your beluga. Montana caviar is better by far! If you ever get the chance you really must try it. I can practically guarantee you wish you hadn't .... because you'll want more and it is a little spendy (a mountain term), but lots cheaper than beluga though. :)

When I was photographing the above I got to admiring my dining room table so I'm throwing that photo in too. Perspective is off but short of getting out a ladder this was the best I could do. I find that whilst eating the setting is just as important as the food.

So, set yourself a lovely table and try some Montana caviar. It's the bomb!

PS: Koty came through his little surgery like the champ he is and the growth was benign.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography


Dave said...

I'm guessing that the "One what?" was a bear, since you are putting out Montana Caviar as bait.

There is no finer taste than Montana huckleberries.

I'm surprised that you have waited so long to try them out.

Walker said...

I guess I wasn't clear. I have been eating fresh huckleberries since that fall day when I fist moved here. I just hadn't tried the huckleberry jam.

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like some pretty delicious stuff.