06 October 2011

Steve Jobs - A Wet Fall So Far

Sadly Steve Jobs has past away at a very young 56.  I'm glad he was able to see his company finally come into it's own as a brand.

Open burn season began on the first of October but ever since then it has been raining so I can't get out to do Fall cleanup in the forest. Wasn't able to do much this spring for the same reason. The fuel just keeps piling up.

No one is more guilty of romanticizing nature than moi. But, the truth is nature is just like us, or we are just like nature, seemingly never able to do anything in moderation. Actually, it is an oxymoron to speak of nature and humans as separate in anyway, but we do. 

Yesterday I was literally cocooned in white billowy clouds. Written like that it sounds romantic alright but the truth is it was quite claustrophobic. I couldn't see two feet in front of my face. Koty was twirling around on the carpet trying to get me to go out. I refused. :)
It was not so long ago everyone was wringing their hands over the drought. Now we have more water than we know what to do with. Not really, the Kootenai River takes the run-off and sends it on down to the Columbia where lots of folks can use it in one way or another.

I, personally, do have more water than I know what to do with. Usually, by this time of year the water table has dropped down and the spring puts out a nice little flow throughout the winter. This year the pipe bringing the water down the mountain is still running at capacity!

One thing is for sure about Montana,you never know from one minute to the next what kind of weather will be coming your way.

©Kinsey Barnard

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Unknown said...

It is heartening to read your thoughts on nature-man relationship. Hopefully many more join by coming close – closer – closest to nature - nature within and outside. I am happy to meet you on common ground.