30 December 2014


Ok, some people have expressed concern about poor Kinsey not getting anything for Christmas whilst I made out like a bandit getting several gifts including a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee. It should be abundantly clear who the "nice" girl around here is.

Not to worry though, she did get a present. It was a personal GPS. The Bushnell Back Track GPS D-Tour to be exact.

Bushnell D-Tour Personal GPS

Regular readers may recall Kinsey got herself temporarily lost last spring whist hiking around Chief Mountain. Click here to read her account of the story. She almost never gets lost so this was a little hair raising for her. A good friend who read the story suggested this little device might be helpful. Of course she's going to have to learn how to use it first. So far the learning has been going rather slowly. It took her an hour to figure out how to set the clock! She'll get it eventually I'm sure. Then again, hope does spring eternal.

In addition to finding your way back on a trail you can also find your car in a parking lot. This could also be handy. But, at the moment Kinsey's problem is recognizing her car. There are so many charcoal grey Grand Cherokees around here she keeps trying to get into other people's cars. The Cherokee is a way popular car, around these parts, that's for sure.

Anyway, just wanted you to know not to worry about Kinsey she got hers!

Ciao for now!
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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