01 February 2015


On September 24th we headed north back through Yellowstone on our way to Lake Hebgen. I got to see an elk which would be my only large animal sighting other than the buffalo I saw on our brief sortie into Yellowstone earlier. Like the buffalo, it was a road siting whoop de doo!

Elk in the Road
Kinsey decided, I seldom get a say in these matters, we would stay in the Yellowstone Holiday RV Park on Lake Hebgen for a few days. We had scouted it out previously on our hike up Red Canyon. I must say it was a good choice. We got a space right on the water and it was very nice all the way round.

Sunrise at Hebgen Lake
After we got ourselves set up we decided to pay a return visit to Ghost Village and the Madison River which is located beneath the Hebgen Dam. Boy what a difference a week can make in the fall colors. They were mostly all gone it paled in comparison to what we had seen earlier. And, of course there was no Willam Devane.

What we did find was a Cabela's photo shoot going on. There were all kinds of people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. There was a gal in waders with a baby out in the river and a photographer shooting her as she kicked up the water. Kinsey, who almost never photographs people, thought it was cute and starting taking a few pictures. The photographer went ballistic when he saw her and yelled for his crew to get us out of there. Kinsey has little use for people who take themselves too seriously and this buffoon took the cake. Talk about unprofessional.

Photographer yelling to get us gone

Model with baby
We allowed ourselves to be herded away but seriously doubt they were within their right to require us to do or not do anything on a public river. Kinsey didn't care but couldn't help but laugh at the fact they had missed the fall colors. If I was Cabela's I'd be looking for another photographer, what a boob.

We continued on down the river as far as the trail would take us. Kinsey took a few more photos of the things she likes to photograph. Things like old buildings and natural beauty.

Ghost Village Remnant

At the end of the trail is a wide spot in the river that looks almost like a lake. The pond is filled with old snags reflecting in the water. Kinsey loves water and reflections.

Madison River Snags
All and all it was another long and winding day, much enjoyed by us both.

Ciao for now,
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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