20 February 2015


Yesterday we had to make a dog food run to Murdoch's. So it was a great day for me. A lot of girls like to go shopping on Rodeo Drive, not me. I'm a long way from there and I don't care. This girl finds shopping nirvana at Murdoch's in Kalispell. Murdoch's is a ranch store here in Montana. The store started out in Bozeman, Montana in 1994 by, of all things, a man named John Murdoch. The Murdoch's Story. It is also one of those few enlightened retail outfits that welcomes dogs.

Just my luck, Kinsey loves the place as much as I do and has been coming here for 14 years. Also helpful is, the Canidae dog food I relish is carried at Murdoch's making it essential that we visit regularly. The particular dog food I get is Canidae ALS. ALS stands for all life stages. It was recommended by my breeder. It must be good stuff because I am fit as a fiddle and have a coat to die for.

Canidae All Life Stages
This store caters to the ranch crowd and if you can't find it here you probably don't need it. I mean they have everything from tack and livestock supplies to Carhartt work clothes for men and women. They have fancy duds too. The aromas in this place? OMG! I nearly go crazy walking up and down the aisles. I look like a blood hound on scent. They have a dog treat selection second to none. Kinsey let's me sniff everything. There's so much wonderful stuff I simply can't choose. I want it all!

Not only does the store have everything a rancher could want, the people are doggone friendly, if you'll pardon the pun. Everyone is so nice to me I nearly don't know how to behave. If you ask Kinsey I don't know how to behave. :)One of our favorite people is Terri in the boot department. She has been helping Kinsey out in this area, and others, for years. We don't always run into her but we did this time and it's always a treat. Almost as big a treat as the ones I get at the checkout counter. ;) What's not to love?

Terri Arnst - Boot Specialist

There is an Ariat boot display there behind us in this photo. Kinsey loves Ariat boots and you won't find a better selection than at Murdoch's.

Whilst I get aroma therapy all over the store Kinsey get's it in the tack department. From the time she was 5 until she went out into the business world, horses were her everything. The love is still there. We could have horses at the ranch but we move around so much it just wouldn't be fair.  Maybe one day. Today Francine took time to visit with us.

Francine in the tack department
You all know how I love to hike and explore but going to Murdoch's is no chore.  I wish there were more places like it. And, in truth, there are a number of stores that allow dogs in Montana, it's a very dog friendly state. But, of all the places that welcome me, Murdoch's is my favorite. It's Kinsey's too. I just wish I could eat up my chow faster so we would have to go more often. I could eat it faster if Kinsey would let me. That isn't going to happen. She thinks it's a crime to let a dog get overweight. That probably makes me lucky too.

And, do you think Kinsey has to lug that 44 lb. bag out to the car? Not on your life. They cheerfully pick it up off the shelf and deliver it to the car.

Did I mention I really love this place?

Ciao for now,
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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