12 February 2015


Near as I can tell, Kinsey is passionate about two things; eating and exploring. Thank goodness for the exploring part. If that weren't the case she would weigh five thousand pounds and I wouldn't have nearly as much fun. I might even become a little porky myself.

Contrary to what the "experts have to say, she believes you should consume lots of calories. She thinks our bodies are like cars. They stay in better working condition with use, which requires fuel. The trick is you gotta burn that fuel. The car burns only as much fuel as the work it does needs. We just need to do the same, limit our fuel intake to just what we use up. Anyway, we think eating is a GOOD thing.

Yesterday Kinsey had a hankering to go out for breakfast. We headed to her favorite breakfast spot in little Somers, Montana.

Somers Bay Cafe. (If you look real hard Kinsey & I are in this photo.)

Somers is a tiny town at the head of Flathead Lake. In 1900 the Somers Lumber Mill was built and with it the town of Somers. Somers was the name of one of the executives. The ego of humans never ceases to amaze. They just love to name things after themselves. The mill and company town of Somers died around 1948. Today it's a quaint patch of Montana history. It's also home to the Somers Bay Cafe.

When it comes to breakfast Kinsey doesn't go for pancakes, waffles and  french toast type fare. She's more the eggs, breakfast meats and potatoes sort. Her favorite is an omelet. They don't actually make omelets at the Somers Bay Cafe. They make what they call a "scramble". It's like an open faced omelet and really good. Kinsey likes the Denver Scramble which is ham, cheese, onion, bell pepper and melted cheese. It also comes with yummy potatoes, not hash browns, more like an O'brien and toast of your choice. Plenty of food, even for Kinsey. A cup of coffee will run you $1.50 with endless refills. The cafe is run by a couple who could not be more welcoming and friendly.

Naturally, while all this culinary delight was going on I got to sit in the car. I'm just telling you what Kinsey reported. The good part for me came after breakfast. That would be the exploring part.

Somers Ice House

As mentioned, Somers is a tiny town. Just a couple of blocks really. What we did find was a Rails to Trails path that took off just a block from the cafe. We think this path goes all the way to Kila. I don't know how far that is but maybe 20 miles? We only walked a couple. Point is you can eat and walk it off all in Somers.

Kinsey thinks the Somers Bay Cafe is the best place for an eggy breakfast you'll probably find. Give it a try if you are in the area. If it's lunch and a hamburger you're looking for try The Craggy Range in Whitefish.

I'll leave it to you to get your directions on your own GPS.

Ciao for now,
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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