04 February 2015


This morning my personal photographer and I walked a pretty little suburban trail called the Rocksund Trail named after the people who donated the land. I call it suburban with tongue in cheek. In these parts 100 yards off any given road is the wild. The trail is paved but covered in ice at the moment. It's a very nice little walk along Whitefish River.

Whitefish Trail

Apparently, not all ducks go south for the winter because we saw bunches of them, mostly mallards and goldeneye. They seemed perfectly happy to be feeding in the crystal clear but very cold water. They are so funny the way they pop their bottoms up in the air as they search for food. These guys looked like they had circled their wagons, I mean their bums.

Mallards and Goldeneye ducks on the Whitefish River
Town trails are never long enough for us and this one was no exception. Nevertheless, it's a very pleasant stroll along the water and very much better than nothing.

Molly Montana checking out an artistic post.
Tired now time for a rest.

Molly Montana takes a nap!
 Oh, for pity sakes! What kind of crazy photo is that? Gotta  have a word with my photographer!

Ciao for now,
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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