27 February 2015


Yesterday Kinsey went to a late breakfast with a pal. Ever so rudely, she left me at home in the house. I, naturally, got bored and roamed around looking for some mischief to do. My favorite mischief is finding things to eat. I am very good at finding things to eat and very clever at reaching it.

When Kinsey got home it was time for my lunch. Our routine is; Kinsey gets the food, I snap to attention plopping my butt on the floor. Kinsey puts the food down and I wait for permission to eat. Well, I not only didn't plop my fanny down I showed no interest in my food whatsoever. This was the first time in my life such a thing happened. Kinsey was very worried but couldn't think of a thing it could be. She watched me like a hawk the rest of the day.

I knew exactly what the problem was but I sure as heck wasn't telling.You see she had left the butter dish with a brand new quarter on it on the counter just within my reach. I was able to lap it off without disturbing the dish. I quite happily gobbled the whole thing down. It was enough for even me to lose my appetite.

Too much butter!

This morning Kinsey was making her mock Ouevos Rancheros and went for the butter dish. It wasn't in the cupboard where it normally is. She saw it on the counter, empty. She immediately had an ah ha moment. And, I'm in the dog house.

Ouevos Rancheros
I'm just fine today but gads Kinsey needs to keep that stuff out of my reach. As good as it was it nearly made me want to puke!

Ciao for now!
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard


Unknown said...

Egads! She walks around on the counter? Hide EVERYTHING!

Walker said...

Anyone who knows Kinsey knows there's no chance I walk around on the counters. But, I can standup with my my front paws on the counters. I have an extraordinary tongue! :)

Christine Rae said...

hysterical! And yes I wouldn't mind having lunch at your place

Walker said...

Christine: Come on over. You know you are always welcome!