09 October 2007

Jasper, Hibernia & Caledonia Lakes

September 13, 2007

Well, phooey, this was our last day at Jasper.

Mom worked on her photos and we FINALLY took off for Jasper. There is a trail network behind Jasper that is really cool. And, I highly recommend it when you’re in town. The trails aren’t the sort that would give serious backpackers a thrill but for people who just want to get out and see beautiful scenery these trails are great. You can walk an hour or a day through beautiful lake and forest scenery. The Friends of Jasper National Park maintains these trails, and many others, and the signing is just great. What a remarkable effort this group has made. Man, if I lived here I would drag mom down trails everyday until we dropped.

Anyway, we thought we’d try for Cabin Lake but ended up following Cabin Creek to Marjorie Lake. Just past Marjorie was a spur trail up to Hibernia Lake. We took the trail up to Hibernia and although it was anything spectacular I think mom tried to get some of her creative type photographs.

We went back down to the main trail and continued west to Caledonia Lake. Again nothing earth shaking, just nice. It’s the sort of scenery where mom often finds those special and unique situations.

All in all we wandered round for about four and a half hours. If a person was just hiking and not gawking, like mom, it would probably only take about two. We only went as far as Caledonia but if you really want a workout you can make a loop that takes you to Minnow Lake, on to Cabin Lake and back to the trailhead. That trip would probably take you all day.

So, that was it for today. Farewell, Jasper. It’s been loads of fun.


©Kinsey Barnard

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