05 October 2007

Pyramid, Patricia, Maligne & Plants

September 11, 2007

We had made a date with ourselves to get over to Patricia Lake first ting to try and capture the calm morning water and the sun rising on Pyramid Mountain. Mom got herself all set up and we waited and waited. Carumba! I wish mom would get another profession. Like maybe, Iditarod racer?! I don’t like waiting and this photography stuff is nothing but! And, even then, sometimes she doesn’t get anything for the wait. She tells me photography is a lot like hunting and fishing. You walk, watch and wait. And sometimes you get skunked. I think she may have caught something. Pyramid Lake at day break

From Patricia we headed for Maligne Lake. Maligne is a beautiful Lake about a half hour forty-five minutes from Jasper. It’s a big tourist attraction so there can be lots of people. Course, I don’t mind because people just make a fuss over me. I’m a star!

Anyway we took off down the path on the east side of the lake. After awhile it turns into a trail and is quite a good hike. Mom, of course was stopping every two seconds to photograph mushrooms and what have you. She has an absolute fascination with things that grow in forest. She thinks everything in nature is a work of art. Gads, she holds me up. Anyway, she photographed and I explored. At the rate we go a short hike takes hours so that was about the extent of my exploration.

On the way home we could see that it was starting to cloud up. The view of the storm clouds surrounding the Palisades was just awesome.

Later in the evening we found out just how serious those clouds were. It rained cats and frogs all night long. One time there was this flash of lightening and the thunder that followed literally rocked Clementine. I have never heard or felt anything quite like it. Let me tell you I was under the dinette for the rest of the night. We get some doozie thunder and lightening storms back home in Montana but this one took the cake.

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©Kinsey Barnard

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