16 October 2007

Yoho National Park - Takakkaw Fall - Emerald Lake

Today we drove over to Yoho National Park. The first stop was at the spiral tunnels. These tunnels were designed to slow trains descending the Rockies. You can't eally see much at viewing stop unless a train is actually coming down the mountain. We didn't time it right so there wasn't much to see.

We then headed for Takakkaw Falls. The road up to the falls is interesting. At one curve, the hairpin is so tight if you're driving anything bigger that a compact car you literally have to stop and backup in order to get around it. Of course, our little Shadow zipped right around.

Takakkaw Falls are pretty big. Mom fiddled around for a couple of hours trying to get some kind of shot but wasn't able to get anything worth a hoot. She decided we needed to come back in the late afternoon if she was to have a shot at a shot, if you know what I mean. On the way back down the mountain we stopped to watch some elk doing their mating ritual and from there we headed on over to Emerald Lake. There is a very pretty Lodge on this lake and you can buy a sandwich if you want. On the way over to Emerald mom spotted a cow elk standing in the Emerald River. It was a photo to die for. It was also a photo we didn't get. Just as mom got into position the elk walked off. Drat! I hate it when this happens. After Emerald Lake we went back to Lake Louise for lunch and to wait for afternoon light.

At about 4:00pm we headed back to Takakkaw Falls. Mom gave it the old college try but she still wasn't able to come up with anything to put in her gallery. Just so's you can see it's here on the left. It was almost dark when mom finally gave up and packed up. As we drove back down a mountain rose up before us in the near dark. Mom got all excited because she thought it was so beautiful. For pity sakes girl, a mountains is a mountain. But oh no not to my mom. She stopped the car and set up right in the middle of the road. Thank goodness we were the only ones left up there because there is no shoulder and the road is plenty narrow. She got her photo of Cathedral Mountain and it turned out to be a stunner!

With that the day was done and so were we!


©Kinsey Barnard

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