03 October 2007

Pyramid Mountain, Patricia & Pyramid Lakes, Big Horns & Elk

Before I get back to our Canadian story I have to tell you, true to her word, mom did take me for a walk along the Tobacco River and the fall colors were just awesome. The walk was a gift to both of us!

September 10, 2007

We started the day at Patricia Lake. This little lake and Pyramid Lake are very close to Jasper township. Looks to me like a place where local people would come to play, swimming and canoeing and such. But, the thing about Patricia is the view of Pyramid Mountain. Pyramid looks pretty much like its namesake. It provides an impressive backdrop for Jasper. Patricia sits smack dab in front of it. Mom could tell there was a photo op here. The mountain is reflected in the lake and early calm water could produce a stunning photograph. We were just a little too late for this day but made a date with ourselves to return first thing tomorrow morning.

From Patricia we continued on to Pyramid Lake, which is only a stones throw further down the road. There looks to be a very nice lodge on this lake, which is also pretty but does not have the same view of the mountain as Patricia.

By this time I was getting rambunctious for a walk so we went to the end of the tarmac road and took off down and a closed dirt road that ran along the lake. For no particular reason we took one of the many side trails that went down to the waters edge. While I was sniffing all the glorious odors we heard what sounded like a fish jump. But, mom thought it sounded like too heavy a splash for a fish. Course, she could have been very wrong about that because just a few minutes earlier at Patricia a fisherman had told us the rainbow trout in these parts get really big. He said the record taken from Maligne Lake was twenty-two pounds! Now, that’s a lot of trout! But mom was right, on this occasion, because as we stood there looking out over the lake a beautiful loon popped up right in front of us. Make this photograph as big as you can. What's going on with the water is very interesting.

We continued on up the road but after awhile the road turned away from the lake and we turned back. When we got back to the parking area it was just a short stroll down to where you can walk out to Pyramid Island. This is a very pretty little island that has a footbridge to reach it and very nice views. I point these things out because I think you might be interested. Personally, I could give a fig. My nose was in overdrive. There were so many incredible aromas. So many smells to chase, so little time. Soon we headed back to the RV Park for lunch and a siesta.

Late this afternoon we headed out to see if mom could get some shots of mountain goats or big horn sheep. They are known to hang on the cliffs out along highway 16 north of Jasper. We didn't find any goats but we did find some Big Horns but ewes only. On the way we stopped to wander along the Miette River and made a stop at the Palisades (pictured) interpretive site.

At Palisades we took off for a little walk and very shortly ran into a gal that said she had come across a bull elk if we cared to photograph it. Well, it was back to the car for me. Mom changed camera lenses because she assumed she would need her telephoto. As mom tells it, it turned out to be the wrong assumption. Apparently, she nearly fell over the thing as he was sitting in the shadows right along the trail. He could have cared less about her presence and wasn’t in the least inclined to move from his repose. There wasn’t much in the way of a photograph either. The shorter lens would have been just fine! Better in fact.

That pretty much took care of this day.

©Kinsey Barnard

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