01 October 2007

Pocahontas, Miette Hot Springs, Big Horn Sheep & Happy Birthday to Me!

Ok, before I get started with this day of our trip I would like to make an announcement. It's my birthday today and I am eight years young! So, altogether now "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAKOTA SUNRISE!" Mom says; I get treats today without doing anything special, I get a walk along the Tobacco River and I get ice cream. Golly how I love ice cream.

Now on with our story

September 09, 2002

This was the first really nice day since we got to Alberta. The plan was to go to Pocahontas and Miette Hot Springs. It’s a very nice drive north on 16.

On the way we stopped to photograph some big horn sheep and mountain goats. Boy, those guys really live on the edge!

At Pocahontas we stopped for a hike at the mining site. We saw a sign that said Punchbowl Falls and followed it. We wandered all over the place looking for the falls because after the first sign there were no others. Canadian Forest Service signs seem to be a lot the Americans; they never quite give you the information you need to actually find anything.

After awhile we ran into some hikers and asked about the falls. The silly thing is we were quite near and easy access to them is right on the road to Miette Hot Springs. Course, I didn’t mind just meant more out of the car time for me. Water was pretty low and the falls weren’t much to write home about.

We continued on up the road to the springs. Made the walk up to the source and ways beyond. Pretty much of a yawner. After that we walked over to the Sulfur Ridge trail. On the way up mom did get a shot of a grouse. And, she almost got one of a really pretty butterfly but while she was jockeying for position she fell over the side of the trail. Fortunately, it wasn’t real steep at this particular spot so she didn’t go far. Needless to say there was no picture of the butterfly. I wish she wouldn’t do these things cuz you know who’s going to get pulled in after her!

We walked about half way to the ridge. Our trail book said it wasn’t much but the people coming down were telling us it was a great view. Unfortunately, great views don’t always translate into great photographs so we decided not to make the whole trip. Chatty Kathy (aka “mom”) stopped and talked to some guys and before you know it she had a dinner date. So, guess where I spent the evening. Stuck in Shadow outside the Fiddle River Restaurant.

On the way back to Jasper we stopped again to watch the big horn sheep. There was a mom and baby that made for a very nice photograph. That was pretty much it for this day. Except for the part where I got stuck in the car while mom dined on baked halibut. Darn her anyway. She knows fish is my favorite! Course, I like mine sushi!

Jasper Slideshow

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