13 November 2008


I have come to realize that this blog is just taking too much of my time. I am not a travel writer. I am a photographer. I must get back to what I know and love.

So, beginning tomorrow I am going to rename the blog "A PHOTO A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY" I will choose just one photo I feel is particularly lovely or uplifting. There will be very little dialogue. My intention is to provide you with something beautiful with which to fill your senses each day.

In these troubled and turbulent times I think we all need to take a moment and let the beauty that surrounds us come into our lives to refresh and remind us of what is truly important. Surely, one beautiful photograph is as good as an apple.

In the meantime I invite you to go to my Limited Editions Collection. This is where my heart and soul lives. Just take a moment to watch the short slide show. I am so honored and grateful to have this beauty to share with you.

Many thanks to all my loyal readers.

With much love,

Koty & Kinsey


faith laughin' said...

A well-chosen photograph will be very appreciated. Your photos are always worth at least a thousand words.

PM said...

agreed, whatever, whenever, we appreciate your creative.