02 November 2008

Snow Canyon - St. George Utah

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Last night was the pits. The racket from the highway was deafening. How people can stay in places like this is beyond me. But, I guess things are relative and most people don’t live in a serene forest, as do we. But, golly, I just wonder how people cope. Are they even aware they are coping?

Well, after an evening thrashing around to the tune of eighteen-wheelers, the first order of business was to check out RV parks closer to Zion. So, away we went into the sunrise. We found a nice park in a place called Hurricane. It is twice as quiet, has a nice lawn at your door and is ten bucks cheaper. Not to give the impression I’m a cheapskate, really I’m not. But if I’m paying top dollar, by RV standards, I expect a little something. What I am beginning to understand is, the “little something” means different things to different people.

Apparently, a lot of folks are happy to be camped out on a freeway if they have social activities, are close to shopping, can get junk food easily and have clean showers/bathrooms. I, on the other hand, travel in an RV so I don’t have to use public facilities, could care less about social activities and just want a little quiet and privacy. The main reason I went with the motorhome was because so many motels put pet owners in smoking rooms. Cough. Cough! And, you need reservations. Boo. Hiss.

At the place in Hurricane we spoke with a nice gal, Becky, and she gave us the scoop. We found a lovely little space with shade. We were ready to move right in, but, when we checked in with the place in St. George they said they needed 24 hours notice. I ain’t paying for two places so I said fine we’ll move to Hurricane tomorrow.

Now, remember how I always say every cloud has a silver lining? First, I never planned to stay in St. George at all. We left a week early because of the weather. Then I got stuck in the RV Park from hell. Then I was a little miffed when I found out I had to stay another night. But, we got out the map and found Snow Canyon. Wow, what a beautiful place. Looks a lot like Sedona. We spent the day hiking and photographing. It was awesome and I’m so glad we didn’t miss it! So glad for all this “misfortune”.

Ciao for now,

Koty and Kinsey Learning the RV ropes!

If you'd like to see these and the rest of the days' shoot in high res visit our Trip Gallery. To see just the Snow Canyon Photos enter "Snow Canyon" in the search box

©Kinsey Barnard


Michelle B. Hendry said...

I'm with you on the RV thing. I like the quiet too and we have a big 35' so facilities are all on board.

But indeed the delay was lucky - the photos are amazing. In fact, the last few posts have been some of the most amazing!

Viqi French said...

wow - what breathtaking views! never been to Utah. thanks to your pics, i now know i'd love to check it out. thanks for sharing.

ps - feel free to grab a free copy of my photography ebook at http://fiercelystrategic.blogspot.com (see banner ad in the sidebar).

stgeorge4kids said...

I found some awesome hiking and biking trails in Snow Canyon for my kids by going to www.stgeorge4kids.com . They have a ton of info on the local parks and national parks and stuff like that for kids and the whole family.