04 November 2008


It's kind of hard to see but that really is the Wild Ass Saloon between the bank and the jail. I just love the things you find along the road. This place was a little replica western town and trading post on the road to Zion near the town of Virgin, Utah. Great name for a town! The town sports a population of 532 and is still part of the wild west. In 2000 they passed a law requiring every homeowner to keep and maintain a gun. My kinda town!

Above is a covered wagon of the type the pioneers used to come west, pillage the native Americans and slaughter the bison. Ok, that remark was rather trite and condescending. It was the government which sanctioned most of the killing and pillaging. I think the settlers were mostly hapless victims as the Indians struck back at who ever they could find. Things don't seem to have changed much.

This is an old water wagon. I'm sure this was a treasured piece of equipment out here in the desert. Quite a handsome wagon still.

Just another view of the bank and jail.

I'm not sure what this old cutie was but I thought it interesting with the water wheel.

Koty & Kinsey's Winter Tour Photo Gallery

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