03 November 2008

Happy in Hurricane

In the night and early morning we had quite a storm blow through. It cooled things off so that was welcome.

We took our time packing up for the twenty minute drive over to Hurricane. Once here we were so happy we made the move. The digs are 300% nicer than the ones in St. George. We have a little concrete patio and lots of grass. Road noise is at a minimum.

I declared this a day off, had lunch and took a nap. After the siesta we took a walk to check things out. We went from one end of town to the other which is mostly on the main drag. It looks like Hurricane has been through a whirlwind of development but is now suffering the consequences of a slowing economy. Many businesses are no more and the only visitors to the empty spaces are tumble weeds. Still, I can see why people would want to winter here. The weather is mild, in winter, and has an awful lot to offer the out door enthusiast. Hurricane is only about 17 miles from Zion National Park so it's very handy if that is your destination. Here's the Wiki on it.

We'll be heading out to Zion to hunt for photo ops.

Ciao for now,
Koty & Kinsey

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faith laughin' said...

Beautiful pictures of Snow Canyon! It reminds me of Moab. I look forward to what you discover for our viewing pleasure in Zion.