03 November 2007

Everything you ever need to know about Siberian Huskies

Alrighty then. Mom is all involved in getting ready for Wednesday's launch so I thought I would like to talk to you about something near and dear to my heart, Siberian Huskies.

Siberians are a wonderful breed. Our beauty is unparalleled. But, our beauty can be our curse. You see, huskies require a lot of management. Way too many huskies end up at the pound or at husky rescue because people didn’t fully understand what they were getting into. Incidences of this happening really sky rocket following the release of motion pictures like “Snow Dogs” and “Eight Below”. I beg you to resist the urge until you truly understand what’s involved.

Siberians are defined as “high energy dogs” and “not reliable off lead”. These are not words they are truths. Siberians are working dogs. We want and need work, or something akin to it, in order to expend the energy. If you can’t give your dog, at least, and hour of serious exercise every single day don’t get a husky.

Siberians were born to run. Just let us off the leash and we are gone. We don’t know or care where. We are just going. Now, not every Siberian does this but the ones that don’t are the exception. Yes, we will come home. If we have not been mauled, shot, hit by a car or stolen. If you would find it a real pain to always have to have your dog on a leash, don’t get a husky.

Siberians are pack animals. We do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. When we are we get into mischief and we can get mental. Digging is one of our very most favorite pastimes. If everyone in the household is gone all day and you’re too tired when you get home to socialize with your dog, don’t get a husky.

Siberians are prey animals. We are so close to our wolf ancestors it isn’t funny. We will chase anything that runs and most likely kill it if we catch it. We don’t mean anything by it. It is simply in our nature. We can be trained to recognize other pets as part of the pack but, for most of us, it will require training. If you can’t or don’t have time to train your dog to integrate with the existing pack, don’t get a husky.

Siberians are very independent. Mom says we are more like cats than dogs. If you are looking for a dog that will always fawn all over you no matter what, don’t get a husky.

Siberians love people. We were bred to love people and we are pretty indiscriminate about it. It was a sort of natural selection. A long time a go, in Siberia, humans and animals had to co-habitate in very small places. The winters were so harsh nothing could survive without shelter. So, if any dog showed aggression toward a human it was put out and that was the end of it. You cannot undo centuries of conditioning. We are more likely to invite a burglar in than warn you of his presence. However, all bets are off if you seriously threaten our pack. If you are looking for a watchdog, don’t get a husky.

OK, now that I’ve told you all the negatives let me tell you the good stuff. We ARE beautiful no doubt about that. We do love our pack members even if sometimes we don’t show it because our attention is elsewhere. You will not find a smarter dog anywhere Of course this sometimes can be a bit of a problem. ☺ And, talk about sunny disposition. Well, we invented it. If we get our required exercise and companionship you will not ever know a happier dog. We can make you happy just by showing you our innate love and joy of life and living.

If you are considering a Siberian be honest with yourself. Reflect on the things I have said. Be sure you understand what it takes be a husky guardian. If you aren’t comfortable with anything I’ve noted please don’t get a husky. Buy a photo instead. Or you can just look at my magnificent self in my personal gallery.

If you know of someone thinking about getting a husky please link them here so they can read it too.

On behalf of Siberians everywhere and in the future, thank you for taking time to read my post.

Until next time .....


©Kinsey Barnard