17 November 2007

Cannon Beach to Newport

Well, wow! I think I'm lucky to be alive! Ok, so that may be a little dramatic but it really was stormy coming down the coast and mom was white knuckling the steering wheel I guarantee you that. Old Clementine was swayin' and sashayin' down the highway like we were on the way to a dance. It took us about three hours to do a two hour drive. But, we are here and none the worse for the wear.

When we got into Newport we set ourselves up in the RV park and took a little walk around the area to check things out.

While we were walking we could hear sea lions barking and thought we needed to check them out. We jumped in Shadow and headed to where we thought the barking was coming from. We found ourselves in the old port which is pretty quaint. Well, quaint for two leggeds but fabulous for me. I am here to tell you; the smells, the incredible smells. Fish, bait I can't begin to tell you what all. It was fantastic! I was dragging mom along with reckless abandon. Nearly got myself sent to the car. Narrowly escaping punishment my nose took me into overdrive. But, gads it was great. We found the barkers and stopped to watch them lolly gagging on the pier. I had never seen anything like it. What I would have given to be able to mix it up with those big boys! We know that isn't going to happen.

We walked along the quay. There were lotsa shops and restaurants. And, naturally people made a great fuss over yours truly.

Mom was fascinated by the murals painted on the buildings. That's what the photos are of. She didn't even notice the marvelous smells. In fact, I even thought I saw her scrunch up her nose like she smelled something bad. Oh, well, no accounting for taste!

Can't hardly wait for tomorrows adventure! Art Prints

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