07 November 2007

We Have Launched!

Without preamble; we have begun our winter journey.

I'm going to have to be careful with my posts. I just got told by my aunt Jane that my typos and grammar are appalling. Woe is me. :)

Really, I am going to try harder.

Anyway, we set off at about 9:00 am. Believe it or not there was very little bloodshed this time. I think mom is beginning to get the hang of this RV'ing thing. The drive along Lake Koocanusa was so very beautiful, an auspicious beginning

 Tonight we are in Spokane. It's raining. It took us five hours to get here as we kinda just cruised along in no particular hurry.

Tomorrow Clementine gets a check-up. Hopefully, mom will take me somewhere cool whilst Clemmie is being worked over.

Until next time ...

©Kinsey Barnard

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