10 November 2007

Spokane, Spokane River, Hat Rock

Thursday Clementine went in for her check up. It didn't take long cuz she didn't have anything wrong besides a few adjustments here and there.

In the afternoon we took a walk along the Spokane River. It surely must have been beautiful during the turning of the leaves. The river was just teeming with mallards and Canadian honkers.

Friday we had one of THOSE days. Well, mom had the day I was just along for the ride.

Around noon we headed out for Milton Freewater but we never got there. Mom got all tangled up at the tri-cities and we ended up in a place called Hermiston, nowhere near Milton Freewater.

It was getting pretty late and I could tell mom was pooped. She pulled over to try and find an RV park in her handy dandy Good Sam directory and ended up getting one at Hat Rock state park. As we pulled out of the place we stopped to make the call Clementine did some rocking and rolling. The overhead doors blew open and all our food went flying. Poor mom.

We found the park. The water had been turned off for the winter and the place smelled like dog urine. Course, I loved that but mom wouldn't let me hang around outside because of it.

When we got up the next morning it was raining cats and frogs. But, mom had promised me a walk and walk we did. The Hat Rock state park is probably really pretty but it was kinda gray today. Hat Rock might be pretty interesting on another kind of day.

After our morning walk we headed for Portland on 84 along the Columbia River. Man that is a big river and boy does the wind blow through that gorge. We saw a guy on a surf board getting pulled by what looked like a para glider chute. That guy was going so fast!

Mom wasn't taking any chances this time. She had researched a park near Portland and made a reservation. That's where I am right now.

We took a walk along the Columbia River after we got set up. It was a beautiful afternoon. Marred only by a rude driver that flipped mom the bird because she was just doing the speed limit on Marina Drive. I thought people in Oregon were supposed to be nice?!

Until next time ....

©Kinsey Barnard

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