12 November 2007

Waterfalls and Waterfowl in the Columbia Gorge

Yesterday was a great day! We were out photographing and hiking most of it. Makes my day and makes mom's too!

We started off at Bridal Veil Falls and Bridal Veil Creek and then on down the road to Wahkeena Falls and Wahkeena Creek . Mom muta been off her game because she didn't get shots of either of these falls that she liked.

From Wahkena we went to Multnomah Falls . I couldn't believe how many tourists there were for November. I think everyone on the planet must visit these falls.

From Multnomah we headed east along the Columbia Gorge to the Bridege of the Gods just above the Bonneville Dam. Then we headed west again toward Vancouver. Shortly after crossing the bridge mom scoped a Great Blue Heron wading in a pond. So, naturally, that was a stop.

Photography Prints

Mom had been promising me a hike all day so when we came upon the Pacific Crest Trail we stopped for jaunt. Seems like everywhere you hike around here it's beautiful. The rain forest is so plush. Didn't see anything particularly interesting just a nice hike. As you know, anytime I'm hiking, I'm liking!

After our hike we continued down the north side of the gorge and quickly saw some Canada Geese . The geese looked like they were floating on a pool of mercury. Really pretty cool.

There are some very nice viewpoints of the river from this road. We eventually found our way to Vancouver and home again.

For dinner we met up with one of mom's old friends. Of course, I got stuck in the car as usual. How come nobody has dogie diners?

And that was our day!


©Kinsey Barnard

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