16 November 2007

Cannon Beach, Ecola Park, Stormy Weather!

Yesterday, it was really stormy. We drove down the coast a ways but it got so foggy we couldn't see our nose in front of our face so we turned back. We found out the road to Ecola Park was finally open and headed there but, it was raining and the wind was blowing so hard we could hardly stand up. My beautiful fluffy tail was bent flat on my back, I kid you not. This was some serious wind. We finally threw in the towel and returned to Clementine.

It rained like crazy most of the night. You shoulda heard it on Clementine's roof. Sounded like somebody pouring buckets of nails on our head. Sheesh, hard for me to get my beauty sleep!

Things looked a little better this morning. It seemed like there was a break in the storm. We headed on over to Ecola Park again. It certainly was no sun shiny day but at least the wind had calmed down. We took the trail to Indian Beach. It's about 1.5 miles to the beach through a rain forest. Rain forests, of course do nothing for me but mom loves it. I could tell the elk had been through the night before and that got my attention. While mom gawked I tracked.

From Ecola we headed south again and got as far as Mo's. Which is a place supposed to be good for clam chowder. You'll have to ask mom how it was. I was left in the car as usual. I'm always getting left in the car at chow time. I wonder how comes is that?! How come they don't have restaurants dog's can go in?! I've got good table manners!

After mom, no doubt, made a pig of herself we headed north up the coast as it looked less socked in. We drove over to see the biggest Sitka Spruce in the US but it was kind of a yawner. The poor old thing has seen better days I should imagine. After the Spruce we headed up to Seaside. Mom stopped at the aquarium there but once again I got left in the car. Must not have been much cuz she wasn't gone very long.

After the aquarium we continued north and stopped in at Cullaby Lake. There wasn't a single soul there. We walked around and enjoyed the setting with just a few mallards for company. By this time mom had had enough for one day so we headed back to Clementine.

Until next time .....

©Kinsey Barnard

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