21 November 2007

Newport to Florence, Honeyman Park & Lake Cleawox

Yesterday we packed up our gear, well I supervised, and headed down 101 to Florence. We have a cousin who lives there and we are going to spend Thanksgiving with her.

We were greeted with sunshine on our drive south. It was very pleasant. Mom commented that she thought this part of the Oregon coast was the most picturesque we had seen yet. But, we didn't stop for anything just steam rolled right to Florence. We be going back up to the spots we scoped over the next couple of weeks. There's alot to see here.

Basically, mom and her cousin Marilyn wasted the whole darned afternoon and I got zero hiking in. What a couple of chatty cathies!

Today wasn't much better. We went to Marilyn's for breakfast where another chatathon ensued. I was left to brood in the back of Shadow. They were afraid I might eat Leo the African parrot. Heh, heh, they mighta had a point! :)

Luckily, Marilyn had to go to Eugene to pick up her daughter Sarah and there wasn't room for all of us to go so mom had to take me out.

Just a little way south of Florence is a park called Honeyman Park. Goofy mom calls it honeybun. Anyway, we hiked for a couple of hours and the photos are of Lake Cleawox in that park. I almost caught something in the bushes along the lake. It was pretty big too but took off when I pounced. Always being on a leash my pouncing skills are greatly hampered! I think it coulda been a beaver because we saw several trees that had been felled by those rascals.

After Honeyman we went a little further south to the Tyler Dune Trailhead in the Dunes National Park. But, it is a fee park and it was late so mom didn't want to shell out. We did meet an very nice lady that told us where to go to get an annual pass. It was starting to add up all these entrance fees. Anyway, we went where the nice lady told us and got a year pass for $35. We'll get our monies worth for that one in no time. In fact, I dunno why mom didn't get one of those days ago! Duh!

After getting the pass we headed on home.

Until next time Lakota Sunrise

©Kinsey Barnard

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