23 November 2007


Well, we certainly hope you all had as nice a Thanksgiving as we did. We started the day with a visit to the Darlingtonia Botanical Gardens. So small is this garden we went right past it and ended up going the whole length of Sutton Lake. Oregon has this way of placing signs that completely befuddles my mom. Instead of having the signs in front of the turn, like everyone else on the planet, they have there's at the far side of the entrance . The result is mom is forever going past. Hopefully she'll get the hang of it one of these days!

We did finally find it. It's like two feet after you turn off 101. And, it's very, very tiny. The only stata park dedicated to one plant, the Darlingtonia Californica. This plant looks like something from the Day of the Trifids.

After Darlingtonia we stopped in at the Sutton River trail and walked along the river a couple of miles. We ran out of time and had to scamper back to Clementine to get ready for TG dinner.

Dinner was great! I was the center of attention, as usual. And, got spoiled rotten which is only right! Everyone was sneaking turkey to me under the table when mom wasn't looking. She has very strict rules about begging. Nanner! Nanner!

After dinner we all piled into the car and drove up to Heceta Beach. It was gorgeous up there and the perfect ending to the day. We are going back for some serious looking today.

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