24 November 2007

Heceta Head Lighthouse, Sea Lions, Beaches & Sunsets

First thing yesterday we took off for Heceta Head. It was a very beautiful morning. We stopped at the big viewing area on 101 for a distant view of Heceta Head Lighthouse. In the rocks below were a bazillion sea lions lazing on the rocks! Oh, boy I wanted to get down there!

We went on over to the lighthouse and walked up to it. Right there at the lighthouse is a trail that takes off up the mountain heading north. It's a really nice trail with some awesome views of the Pacific. We hiked about an hour before heading back down. By this time it was lunch so we headed for Clementine.

After lunch and a siesta we headed back to Heceta Head to see if the beautiful waves that were there the day before were back this afternoon but it was not to be.

We ended up the day at the jetties. And, it was an awesome sunset that we had! There were tons of people there watching it. This must be a very popular spot with the locals because it kinda looked like a sports event with all the people.
©Kinsey Barnard

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